Air/Oil Separators

High quality air/oil separators are crucial for process reliability and energy efficiency in vacuum pumps. Cheaper filters are available, but any savings should not be attributed to the initial purchase price of the filter alone. Cheaper filters are cheaper for a reason and often have a shorter service life which equates to more frequent service intervals, downtime and overall cost! In comparison to cheaper air/oil separators, MANN-FILTER air/oil separators perform better in critical areas of residual oil capacity and optimum differential pressure.

Service Life
The increase in flow resistance and therefore also the service life depend on the cleanliness of the oil and the quality of the air cleaner used. In a smooth running system air/oil separators operate for several thousand operating hours.

Design and Function
This design type is used when the flow is from the inside to the outside. The listed selection of air/oil separators is particularly suitable for integration in oil-flooded vacuum pumps. The installation position is unrestricted.

Pressure Resistance
The air/oil separators for vacuum pumps are designed for a differential pressure up to at least 1.5 bar (150 KPa).

Separation Performance
The residual oil content of the exhaust air at nominal load is approx. 1 to 3 mg/m3.air oil separator

The advantages at a glance:

  • Lower differential pressure
  • Lower residual oil content of 1-3 ppm
  • Up to 25% longer service life in comparison to conventional separator
  • Longer service life of the fine filters installed down stream


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