The new SCREW Series, are screw vacuum pumps working on an oil and water free compression principle. The screw vacuum pumps have high compatibility with water vapours and liquids and are highly effective for many Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Plastics processes. The SCREW Series are a highly efficient dry screw vacuum pumps for many chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics processes

The perfect vacuum pump for drying and recovery of solvents and any other processes where oil-free vacuum is needed.

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  • Simple robust construction
  • Reduced service/maintenance
  • Easy access to pump internals
  • Improved cooling system
  • Homogonised temperature profile
  • Single stage
  • Oil free, non-contact operation
  • Runs with low vibration and low noise levels
  • High volumetric efficiency


Ideal for use in various industries such as Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Plastics, Beverage, Drying and Impregnation, Adsorption and Degassing, Metallurgy, Remediation, Semiconductor/ Electronic and many more

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